The Panic Circus

What’s on offer :

Circus workshops
Story telling around the campfire for the children
Punch and Judy shows
Clown shows
Bubble shows
Children will have the opportunity to create their own puppet show over the weekend. On Sunday at 3 pm, everyone will be able to enjoy a showcase of the children’s performances, featuring the skills they have acquired throughout the weekend. It’s a delightful chance for them to display their creativity and newfound talents in a fun and entertaining puppet show.

Face Painting

Absolutley FREE!

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your festival experience with a burst of vibrant colors. Join Natalie Hill near the main stage at Vanlife Festival 2024 and let your imagination run wild. Immerse yourself in the world of face painting and unleash your inner artist. It’s the perfect way to express your creativity and add a touch of magic to your festival adventure. Come and join us for an unforgettable experience!

Devon and Cornwall Bushcraft CIC

Bushcraft Basics, Survival techniques, and outdoor exploration.

Devon and Cornwall Bushcraft CIC are extremely excited to be returning to the Van Life Festival to provide a range of free bushcraft activities – including fire lighting techniques, natural cordage, marshmallows toasting over the fire, tree & plant ID games, tool safety and use, plus lots more! 

More info and list of workshops will be added nearer the time

Salix -Tie Dye Workshop

They are offering Tie dye workshops plus selling their alternative clothing.

They run their workshops for kids and adults of all ages and abilities and help people to produce their own piece of wearable art that will last for years. At the workshop, customers can make a t-shirt and will get shown all the different techniques. Then they take it home to remind them of a great weekend.

They only use non toxic colour fast dyes that stay looking bright and fresh for years and only using natural fibre items.


James will be providing a talk and various workshops over the weekend at his trade stand.

His workshops aim to provide full information for off grid and on grid solutions, within budget for the road ahead.

– Solar, DC to DC charging and battery chargers

– Batteries, cabling sizes, types, what components are right to use in a vehicle

– Practical crimping, maintenance, fuses, use of a multi metre ( will set up a few dummy boards, no live working)

Ideal for people to learn and get safety under their belt 

Electrimech Power Services can supply, fit and support all power needs.

The Twisted Sock

Here at The Twisted Sock we will be holding a series of ‘Open Forum’ workshop discussions and we tend to talk about the things that others don’t. 

The Twisted Sock Emporium of Light brings you handmade bottle lights like you will never see anywhere else.

And in the evening come and sit around The FirePit where you can just come for a chat with your mates, meet new and interesting folk, maybe bring a musical instrument for a live Jam session or just sit, chillax and soak it all in The FirePit is what YOU make it

Modern Samurai Martial Arts

Simple self defence workshops

Learn the principles of:
Conflict communication, Body language, and simple, effective physical techniques in these family friendly sessions. We will cover what to do if you are confronted by a verbally aggressive passer by, how to break away from grabs, and how and where to strike to get away from trouble. No previous experience necessary, and all fitness levels are welcome.

Fi’s Fabulous Emporium

The Hoola Hoop Lady

Hula hoop workshops will run outside of Fi’s stall where everyone can have a go Big kids as well as youngsters. It’s great and fun and good exercise.

She will also be running a couple of timed workshops close by entertainment area please ask for details on the day

Candy Designs

All Handmade

The Ethos of Candy Designs is the creation of handmade waistcoats, cravats, ties and bow ties. Each item is handmade to your specification. You can choose some of our materials, bring your own or we can obtain material to your specification. Alongside my stall, in a craft area, I will be running a series of workshops:

  • Mosaic a coaster
  • Paint badge/rock
  • Squige card making
  • Sock puppet.

So come along, get creative and have some fun

Santosha Holistics

Free Yoga Workshops

Santosha Holistics is offering lighthearted yoga that is all about connecting with yourself and your human family practicing around you. Hopefully there is a little bit of laughter, a few attempts at a fun balance challenge, maybe a bit of snoozing at the end.

Really this class is for everyone and it’s about exactly what you would like to get out of it. Listen to your body. Inhale, exhale and leave it all out on the mat.

Mushroom Paul


This year Paul will be offering workshops, Paul is well-known for his amazing carving skills and woodwork, be sure to stop by and take a look in our workshop zone area this year.

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