Welcome to the Field of Inspiring Dreams

Travelling with a temporary home for work, holidays, exploration and adventure is far older than the invention of the motor car. While it is impractical for us to go too far back in time, we can give you a taste of what our grandparents and even great grandparents did to follow their dreams.

Come and take a stroll down Memory Lane stepping back in time to see the amazing classic campers and caravans from yesteryear. Talk to their enthusiastic custodians who have dedicated their time to preserving these amazing pieces of Nomadic history.

Do you have a dream?

Do you dream of being able to escape the normality of the day-to-day rat-race that most of us are caught up in?

What do you dream? Is it of a micro camper that you can just drive out in and enjoy the great outdoors? A camper van for weekends and holidays? A full-on expedition vehicle for adventuring in foreign lands or a full time live-aboard as a lifestyle choice?

Or are you just curious?

Continue through Memory Lane into The Field of Inspiring Dreams where you will find over one hundred dreams and their proud owners, all too willing to chat to you about their creation and the realisation of their dream. All of these dreams have been handcrafted using repurposed vehicles from the 1950’s right up to the current day. Everything from micro camper’s, trailers, vans, horse lorries, double-decker buses and even a small converted artic lorry.

Don’t miss out on a lifetime experience

We promise you the ‘Field of Inspiring Dreams’ will leave you inspired, enthusiastic and awe-struck. Knowing that every dream can be realised!

Why not tell us what has inspired you?

What choices would you make?

Would it be a luxury camper with all the mod-cons or are you more a ‘ bear in the woods’ kinda person?

Join us on social media and tell us.

We really want to know.

Take a sneak peek of a small selection from the ‘Field of Inspiring Dreams’ vehicles below.

2023  Display Vehicles

Here are just some of the vehicles from  Vanlife Festival ’23

Want More?

Then we look forward to seeing you in the

Field of Inspiring Dreams

Day tickets available at Ticketsource
Saturday 1st June 10am – 11pm (last entry 6pm)
Sunday 2nd June 10am – 4pm (last entry 2pm)

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