Take a look at our 2024 Holistic Wellbeing.

This year at Vanlife Festival we will be hosting a Holistic / well being / mind, body, soul space that will be focused around getting some group or 1:1 therapeutic sessions. Why not treat yourself?

Everyone is welcome to attend with friends or family or as a solo attendee. There will also be a variety of Holistic workshops that will be included in the cost of your ticket. Please see venues for schedules


Speaker at the vanlife festival

Ellie Harris

Ellie, embraces a low waste & cruelty free ethos. Her expertise lies in Swedish body massage, reflexology, and aromatherapy, providing nurturing treatments for optimal well-being.

Saffron Fitch-Peyton

Will be offering lighthearted yoga at Vanlife festival this year, which is all about connecting with yourself and your surroundings. This class is free and is for everyone. 

Also, pre bookings can be taken before the festival (or book at the event), for Therapeutic oil massage, invigorating Thai yoga massage, relaxing aromatherapy massage, soothing eastern facial massage, Thai hot herbal compress massage or combine all these treatments into a holistic massage individually tailored (fee applies). @santoshaholistics

Speaker at the vanlife festival

Suround Sound

Madhava will be holding a relaxing Gong Sound Bath where you can experience the Gong Sound Journey using a wide variety of sound healing instruments. The symphonic gong is organic, deep and nurturing.

Speaker at the vanlife festival

Kate Beaton

Experience transformative Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation sessions for complete mind-body harmony. Unlock your inner peace through guided practices led by an experienced instructor.

Speaker at the vanlife festival

Naomi – Free Crystal Connection Workshop

Join Naomi for a free to attend Crystal Connection Workshop
This enlightening session is all about connecting with crystals and incorporating them into your daily life. Discover the art of choosing the perfect crystal, explore meditation techniques with crystals, and learn about the myriad ways crystals can enhance your everyday experiences.

Crystal Selection: Guidance on choosing the right crystal for your needs. Meditation

Techniques: Explore the practice of meditating with crystals for holistic wellbeing.

Versatile Uses: Uncover the various ways crystals can be integrated into your daily routines.

Find out more … http://www.facebook.com/maddoggdesigns

Speaker at the vanlife festival

Naomi – Crystal Pendulum Workshop

Unlock the mysteries of dowsing and energy work with this Crystal Pendulum Workshop. Delve into the intricacies of selecting the ideal pendulum, and craft your own to take home.

Pendulum Basics: Learn the fundamentals of using a pendulum for dowsing and energy alignment.

DIY Pendulum Craft: Create your personalized pendulum during the workshop.

Practical Guidance: Gain hands-on experience in harnessing the power of your pendulum.
Cost : £5 per person

Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your connection with crystals and explore the fascinating world of pendulum work. Join Naomi for an engaging and interactive workshop!

Speaker at the vanlife festival

Tasha’s Chakra Shed

Tasha is a Usui / Holy Fire Reiki Master and will be offering a free daily group workshop, so you can experience the transformative and rejuvenating energy of Holy Fire Reiki. In these workshops, Tasha will guide you into a Holy Fire Meditation Experience.

The Holy Fire Reiki Experience is a powerful meditation that works on multiple levels of a person’s energy field – bringing awareness to unwanted patterns, removing blockages, and bringing in relaxation and a sense of overall wellbeing.

Tasha is also offering 1:1 Reiki treatments, Reiki Hand massages and Indian Head Massages with Reiki (fees apply). Please visit Tasha’s Chakra Shed and message Tasha to book in! If you have any questions, please feel free to message Tasha.

Find out more … https://www.instagram.com/tashas_chakra_shed_/

Speaker at the vanlife festival

Finding your voice workshop

A deeply Healing and balancing workshop. Using the following practices:

Gentle movement


Meditation using voice to move blocked energy

Joyful singing - connect to your true inner self

Come with an open heart and mind

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