2024 Vanlife Festival Talks.

Vanlife Festival are excited to offer a range of talks coordinated by Kat Towers of She’s At The Wheel

Kat Towers – Event Talks Manager

Kat is a world traveller, podcaster and campervan fanatic who lives full time in her 1989 Ford Transit Autosleeper. She runs the UK’s first ever Vanlife events company just for women and had UK Top 10 Podcast chart success with the release of She’s At The Wheel Vanlife Podcast. Her mission is to encourage and inspire solo women to take the wheel and explore their own vanlife adventures! You can find out more about Kat and her mission at shesatthewheel.com.

Mike Ruff – Panel host

There will be a practical vanlife tips and advice panel hosted by Mike Ruff who is the editor of the digital news publication Van Life Matters. Van Life Matters has quickly grown to become the go-to place for all the very latest UK Van Life news, tips and advice, keeping those that live in their van, full time or part time, informed with everything that’s happening in the UK’s Van Life scene and forever inspired for that next adventure.

Wellbeing and Mental Health Speakers

We will have a Mental Health Morning, where guest speakers share their personal mental health journeys and how vanlife has helped them along the way. There will also be information, resources and signposting from mental health organisations for anyone looking to find out what support is available at the festival and in the UK.

Ben Pearson

Police Interceptor – Mental Health

Channel 5 Police Interceptors Ben Peason, is super excited to be a part of Vanlife Festival 2024. Now retired from the job that impacted on his life so much, he now helps others and offers support to those who have suffered trauma. The face of 1965 (his collar number), will being doing a talk that is one not to be missed at Vanlife Festival 2024.

This talk will be in the Berwick bar on Sunday morning.

Please Note : This talk contains sensitive content

Highlands to Hammocks at Vanlife Festival

Krista Rogers


I have been living in my van full time since February last year and I am absolutely loving the freedom lifestyle that it creates. I have really struggled with my mental health in the past, but finding Vanlife and having the great outdoors right on my doorstep just waiting to be explored has definitely helped as Mother Nature is such a great healer!!!! I will also be sharing an online business opportunity for anyone that is wanting to learn more about working online and creating a passive income at the very end of my talk!

Countour Campers at Vanlife Festival

Paul Meadows

How Vanlife has helped to save me

After a spiral lasting five years, I had gotten to a crisis point and intended to end my life. Fortunately life itself had a different plan for me and I’m still here. I talk about my struggles and how vanlife has helped to save me.

Countour Campers at Vanlife Festival

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Female Vanlife Q & A / Sharing Session

Hosted by Kat Towers of She’s At The Wheel
A panel of amazing women from the vanlife community share their personal experiences, advice and tips and take questions from the audience. 

Reanna  Panel speaker


Reanna is an artist and jewellery maker who lives and works in her Mercedes horsebox with her partner Chris and their dog Rupert. She works remotely in the van and also creates crafts from many different natural materials for her business, My Wandering Workshop. She documents her travels on her instagram page, In Ruby We Go.

Highlands to Hammocks at Vanlife Festival

Lisa cooper – Panel speaker


Lisa became a solo traveller two years ago with no previous experience of campervans. She has learnt a lot, had some great experiences and feels confident to travel wherever her van takes her next! Lisa believes travelling solo is the single best gift you can give yourself and hopes to encourage others to go on their own adventures!

Highlands to Hammocks at Vanlife Festival


Kath – Panel speaker

Motorhome Mums

After retiring Kath and her partner Sue decided on a complete lifestyle change and for two years now have been following their dreams, living a life of freedom on the road and reconnecting with nature. They travel with their two labradors, Archie and Fudge and document their life on their Youtube Channel, Motorhome Mums.


Highlands to Hammocks at Vanlife Festival

Laura – Panel speaker

The Roaming Hind

Professional photographer Laura escaped an 8 year abusive relationship, stopped drinking alcohol and smoking, and converted her Honda CRV into a mini camper on a budget so she could get as close to nature as possible. She now has the freedom to go wild swimming, hiking, and kayaking her way around the Dales to help her heal from the trauma.

Laura loves to share the lifestyle on her page The Roaming Hind, including kit lists, reviews, location shares and occasionally very honest updates about her PTSD recovery, mental health, women’s health and quitting alcohol.

You can follow Laura’s journey on Instagram @theroamomghind as well as on Facebook ‘The Roaming Hind’ which is primarily photography led due to Laura’s background as a professional photographer.

Highlands to Hammocks at Vanlife Festival

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Practical Vanlife Expert Panel

Hosted by Mike Ruff, editor of the digital news publication Van Life Matters.

A panel of experts from the vanlife community share their expertise, advice and tips and take questions from the audience. The panel will cover common practical subjects such as fire, gas, solar power, awnings and camping accessories. The panel all have years of experience working in their respective fields and will be a goldmine of practical vanlife information!

Charlie – Panel Speaker


Charlie Lister is the owner/director of Autogas 2000 Leisure Ltd, gas safe registered, STGW trained and underslung LPG tank qualified. Autogas supplies a huge range of gas components to the leisure industry and offers technical advice to manufacturers and self builders. Charlie will also have a trade stand this year so look out for him.

Countour Campers at Vanlife Festival

Greg – Panel Speaker


Greg has been in the fire safety business since 1984 and will be sharing valuable advice on the do’s and don’ts of fire safety, carbon monoxide detection, what to look for when buying fire safety products and how to use them properly. He and his wife Sue will be trading this year under the name Extinguish.

Countour Campers at Vanlife Festival

Daniel Walton – Panel Speaker


Daniel Walton grew up in Sheffield and spent most of his younger life climbing and walking in the Peak District. Wanting to set up a brand that would lead the way, led by what consumers wanted and centred in the world of Campervans, Daniel founded OLPRO.

OLPRO creates Stand Out Campervan Awnings as well as Tents, Furniture, Tableware, Rucksacks and Backpacks and more. Over the past 13 years OLPRO has constantly won awards including the Scale Up Awards Business of the Year in 2023 and the Camping and Caravanning Club’s Campervan and Motorhome Awnings of the Year for 2024.

Countour Campers at Vanlife Festival

Levi – Panel Speaker

Age: Eleventy-one… and a bit

Levi lives full time, off grid (mostly) in his self converted mini Artic ‘Mini Moo’.

You can visit this in the Field of Inspiring Dreams where he will be pleased to show you around. A retired registered Showman, Levi has spent the best part of half a century building and living in a variety of Nomadic Homes both for himself and others and is extensively travelled. He is also an ex VOSA advisor (of 10 yrs) and an avid campaigner for nomadic rights for over forty years both within the UK and abroad.

So, as well as practical experience and knowledge of all aspects of converting/living in vehicles, Levi has a good understanding of the legal, social economics, educational, medical and retirement needs of this lifestyle as well.

Countour Campers at Vanlife Festival

Individual Speakers

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Glen Michael Herbert

Off Grid Living

Glen, owner of the beautiful van known as “Radagast”, talks us through the process of his van build, the pros and cons of off-grid living and the wildlife aspect of living in Herbswood. His van is famous for its absolutely stunning unique wood carvings and ornate features and is a truly beautiful creation.

He and Radagast have recently been featured on the TV show George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces.

Countour Campers at Vanlife Festival

Jono Holland

Bushcraft in everyday life

Qualified NCFE Bushcraft Leader and founder of Devon & Cornwall Bushcraft CIC Jono Holland talks us through using bushcraft in everyday life, both for functionality and as a way to connect with nature in a sustainable way. Jono grew up in the Devon countryside, spending his time playing in the woods and rivers with his brother and friends. ​For a number of years he ran events on Dartmoor before founding Devon & Cornwall Bushcraft in 2018.

Countour Campers at Vanlife Festival

Rhonda Oneill

Discard your failures to achieve your building dreams

Rhonda is a tiny little blonde lady with multi organ failure who refuses point blank to let her condition, her height or her sex determine or limit her dreams. Some people think ladies should stick to the ironing instead of converting 6 vans and a 40ft  coach. I taught myself to weld, to build a staircase, to drive a bus, to remove a Volvo B10 engine whilst battling a horrific illness that a smile hides daily. Showing that in life.. you learn to set aside the opinions of others and discard your failures in a fight to achieve your building dreams.

Countour Campers at Vanlife Festival

Mark Stait

Martial arts and self protection

Matt has been training in martial arts and self protection for nearly forty years and holds multiple blackbelts. He is a former world champion and has taught on all the biggest martial arts stages in the UK. Matt will talk us through some useful strategies and protocols to use when travelling. He will clear up some of the confusion around use of force laws and offensive weapons, and cover some of the ways you can look to legally defend yourself. Matt has owned and travelled in numerous self-built vans over the years and his current van is a converted Sprinter.

Art of Spell Bound at the Vanlife Festival

James Whitfield

Electri Mech Power Services

James Whitfield of Electri Mech Power Services has over 15 years of experience in the mechanical and engineering industry, from fitting solar panels to fixing and maintaining wiring and battery failures.​ James talks us through common electrical hazards to look out for when building a van, and shares some key safety advice.

Electrimech Power Services Ltd

James Riley

The Motor Home Life

After being bullied by members of an online motorhome group, James decided to create his own and make it a safe, positive place for people to connect. Motorhome Happiness now has over 75,000 members and has taken James, his mam Dionne and their dog Angus all over the country in their Swift Escape 664 Motorhome called Tilly.

Countour Campers at Vanlife Festival

Six in a Bus

Bricks To Buslife

Six In A Bus are a family of two adults, four children and one dog who went from renting a 3 bed semi to living full time in a 1978 bus! In their talk, they will be sharing their experience of living on a bus full time. They will discuss the challenges and rewards of this unique lifestyle, including the freedom and flexibility it offers, the mindset you need to have, as well as the practicalities of using a larger vehicle for full time living on the road.

Art of Spell Bound at the Vanlife Festival

Mark Stanton

Tales from  life as a Nomad

Humanitarian Aid Volunteer, Ex Military Veteran and Nature Enthusiast Mark Stanton tells us some tales from his life as a nomad and reads poetry inspired by his experiences. Most recently his travels took him to the Ukraine border where he transported refugees and delivered aid. Expect humanity, emotion and great poetry in this inspiring and moving account of Mark’s life on the road.

Alex and Doug

Car Camping 101 – Tiny Campers, Giant Adventures

Alex and Doug of the Compact Camper Company share their knowledge and expertise around car camping and why you should give it a try! Alex and Doug’s travels in 2022 in their Vauxhall Agila ‘Sheila the Agila’ took them across 41 countries & 30,000 miles in 109 days, raising money for two charities along the way. They challenged the car through mountain passes, the Arctic, the Sahara and dirt tracks across Europe, Asia and Africa.

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